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Like you love the sea

Like You Love The Sea 2444 Feb 5-1 MstrdArtist Name
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This song is a meditation on the giving and taking of love. The constant wanting what you don't have, and not wanting what you do. The desire to be understood while not understanding much... All of these annoying and human characteristics. 

It starts quiet, almost flimsy, but give it time, listen to the vocal harmonies build a foundation, and swell with the lyrics.


I wrote this song almost a decade ago and forgot about it. Having recently remembered it, I've been playing it loud and mightily.  My friend, Steven Morris, heard it and agreed to work with me to produce it. With his thoughtful guidance, we created a minimalist, ethereal, raw version. I am so grateful for his time, and talent.

Listen and let me know what you think. Share as much as you'd like. Thank you.



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Gary Stitt & Brett Killoran

Mastering: Peter Letros


People will ask you where you see yourself

Ten years from now, will you thrive or be seeking help?

I will respond with the words I never use,

My answer is clear I have no clue.

But I’ll be


Rolling Along, rolling along

It don’t matter the direction I’ll be singing a song.

You gotta choose, what will soothe

And bring it with you while you roll along and you’ll be rolling smooth,


Smooth, you’ll be rolling smooth, rolling smooth,


I’m walking forward, not stopping where I should.

Don’t want to be remembered for having done no good.

Need to be productive, need to use my time.

I’m supposed to be studying business, instead I’m writing rhymes.

While I’m




Let it all go, let the pressure fly.

Gaze at the horizon, don’t worry about the time.

We all got our gifts and we’ll all get our chance

But you must be moving forward so your steps become your dance….



Rolling Along
Make Me Right



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Mike Langford

Mastering: Peter Letros


“Make Me Right,” is all he said as he lay his heavy head

On the floor by the makeshift table that held nothing but his watch.

The wood and nails that came together, have purpose as a whole

But he don’t know where he should start and all this starting’s getting old.


As he stares, he sees the moment, hammer high his forearms strong

Swinging down to make something, those days are long gone.

Why’s he have to think this way? It’s simple, he is here:

On the wrong side of the hedge, as he breathes it becomes clear.


He can’t give you a thing except his story

Words last longer than thought that is their glory

So take these and make them yours tonight.

That alone will make me right.


The years between then and now have had their ups and downs

Been heading t’wards the sun as he was told.

Never did he touch it though, what a cruel joke to play,

So he started to start over, which brought him to today.




What’s the point in telling stories? I’m writing this for me.

Though my arms are strong and able, I lack my reason to be.

Never want to give up one thing, so that another grows.

What’s the point in living three lives, if there is nothing to show?

Good Intentions



Songwriter/Vocals/Organ: Morgan Sadler

Producer: Sean Gugula

Guitar/Bass: Jeff Gunn

Mastering: Peter Letros


You always look inside of me with eyes that I feel possibly might

Take a picture of a soul, frame it on a wall as an example of gold.

It’s not arrogance that lends itself as my defense

But instead a natural wave, that rolling over us makes us behave.


All we have are simple good intentions,

The ones I’ve mentioned before,

All we can do is try not to slam the door.


These troubled waters swelling ‘round my feet bring me farther from the ground

Stability is peacefully the one quiet thing we all do need.

But in times like these I feel like I’m not moving,

In times like these, there are roots growing from my feet to the earth

But if this were fact then we should relax, for it’s not half bad to return.



Forever don't last



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Mike Langford

Mastering: Peter Letros


I was sitting trying to write a song about love and how it lasts so long

But lately I’ve misunderstood because things aren’t turning out so good.

I look up and I look down, broken hearts are all I’ve found

I should look to the albatross for he’s the only guy who ain’t at a loss.


We all know that forever don’t last these days and I don’t know.

All stumbling round in a dead end maze and I don’t know.

Lost in a foggy haze and I don’t know.

We all know that forever don’t last these days.


So I’m the girl in my own sad story, Sweetie I should preface this with "I’m sorry" but

Devoting one’s life to another is crazy, can’t last forever but you

Got down on your knee looking up so sweetly, you asked me for my hand

But why can’t you understand that I’m not crazy…




There will always be a richer man who will buy me the clothes that I never had

There will always be a smarted guy who challenges my inquisitive mind

There will always be a younger girl with a perfect set of teeth and tight blonde curls so

Why make a vow that won’t last no way no how.


It’s easy to scorn and act skeptical love is just so hectic I’ll

Choose whether it ends or lasts with decisions made when the present’s past so may the

Lovers love and the haters hate, we’ll all just happily go our own way I’ll

See you there on the other side, I kind of hope that I’m not right when I say






Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Guitar: Bill Bell

Bass: Dan Lavery

Percussion: Pete Maloney

Mastering: Peter Letros


It’s been a long time coming and I’m still asking the questions that will bring you ‘round.

The words are placed in such a way now you are here.

I’ve been wasting plenty of breath and plenty of moves on other stuff I’ve

Been holding out for the perfect time and space.


Then I realize “perfect” is the last thing that I need.

The first is utter loneliness, the second it is greed.

The third’s an empty belly, the fourth an aching heart.

But is it all worth one more beautiful song?



I’ve been waking to the same day for the last few years.

Running from place to place, shaking hands my smiling face.

Now I’m sitting here in marble walls, the floors are tiled in gold

Eating like a king and drinking like a sailor.




I’m making plenty of dough, for what? I do not know.

I’ll tell you when I’m old and it is gone.

And something tells me deep that I’m awake when I’m asleep

The same thing tells me there’s hope for these hands.






One of my first gigs in Toronto, can't remember the sigificance of Bette Midler in the background...Perfect starts at 4:00




Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer: Sean Gugula

Guitar/Bass: Jeff Gunn

Percussion: Eric Owen

Mastering: Peter Letros


I don’t want to be the line you walk across.

I don’t believe in lines anyway.

I don’t want to feel used by using others.

But the antidote will unfortunately be found in another.



Try, try try to care.

Try, try to bare.



I don’t want to be the skin you’re about to shed.

Nor do I want to wrap myself around you so tight, you might be misled.

I don’t want to journey too far for the truth, no

For I know as soon as I find it, it will still lack proof,

So I will




I’m tired of yearning for food, wine, hands and lips.

Tired of pushing, pulling, wanting, yearning for so much more of this I

Only want to feel what they feel

So that I know that what I’m holding onto will last and is for real

And So I will



Go On



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Percussion: Sean Gugula

Guitar: Jeff Gunn

Mastering: Peter Letros


I’m trying hard to figure out why we’ve been brought here,

Why angels come to darker rooms.

The silence that we find in the corners where they reside, will slowly pull us in.


Go On.

Go On.

We took a day trip long ago, out we went into the beauty ice and mist

A temper roaring within.

Farther down we walked along, suddenly it came on strong:

What have we done? Why did we build distractions of sorrow?


Go On.

Go On.


I’m looking ‘round at all these things, it’s funny how I see

All these objects on my shelves mean nothing.

They’re just a small example of the things I hated and judged but I can still tear down this fill

And throw out what’s useless.


Go On.

Go On.

The place i started



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Gary Stitt & Brett Killoran

Mastering: Peter Letros


This is the place I started from

It is a place that I’ve become

The motion that pushed me away

Is now the glue that makes me stay.


Another chance I never took

Could it be chance that made me look

Into a soul I never knew

But thought I did and so I flew away.


The night was upon me the moment tragically disappeared.

The starts all surrendered and flew over yonder out of fear.

And now the time’s gone and the window has shut with a heavy thud.

The lock has been latched, the curtain are drawn there’s no going back.



A lover’s tale that never was

The pages left as white as gauze

A dream that left no memory

But left an air of questioning.


You told me that I should give up

You told me I was out of luck

And so I ran in my own way

Fleeing to where I started and where I’ll stay.



been known to



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Mike Langford

Mastering: Peter Letros


Part ways, I’ll go my own.

Oh me and the open road.

Left as a stone unturned

I will never be.


Cherish what you will,

I’ve been know to

Cherish the things that stay still

I’ve been known to

Cherish a spot in the shade

I’ve been known to...


Look right and left

From your eyes, from your chest

Take a long stare

You are going that way.




Oh the sun is going down

You, you have made it.

I on the other hand

I will stop here.



falling back



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Mike Langford

Mastering: Peter Letros


I’m falling back, I’m falling back.

To the place I left, to the place I fled.

I’m falling back, I’m falling back

To the arms I left, I’m falling back.


There is a house I live within.

The floors are damp and the walls are thin.

But there is a light that shines

It swings from the tin

Reflects north, south, east and west

And never dims.




There is a door that leads away

I’ve sat there before and looked both ways.

But I couldn’t tell which was true and which one fake

So I’m falling back, and here I’ll stay.



When Skies are Clear



Songwriter/Vocals/Piano: Morgan Sadler

Producer/Instrumentals: Gary Stitt & Brett Killoran

Mastering: Peter Letros


I’ve been around here, I know your path.

I’ve walked this meadow, I smell the grass

But none of it’s right without you here

So find your way back when skies are clear.


There was a moment when we were young

We held the hills up, we mocked the sun.

But age it humbles and strength it wanes

And time moves quickly and takes all blame.




Where trees are spades, we were as one

But we don’t make the calls we just take them as they come.

As we met we parted, by chance not choice

Which makes for a beautiful story I’ll tell you with my voice.




My hair is chopped off

My body’s weak.

My eyesight’s cloudy

My bones creak.

But all I have been I now will be again

You have returned and it begins.


We’ve been around here, we know our path

We walk this meadow

Lie upon the grass.

And now it’s alright for you are here.

You found your way back the skies are clear.

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