And She's Back...

I went off and had a baby...The nine months of carrying the little guy and the eight months thereafter of becoming a mom, have been joyous, scary and busy. Needless to say, my focus has been pretty much everywhere else but not on music for the last year and a half. When I went on maternity leave I thought: "Now is the time where I will be able to sit and write music and feel so inspired because of this new wondrous being in my life...". How romantic, and what a pipe dream! Over the course of six months I was lucky if I spent 6 hours singing or writing. The ironic part of my aspiration, was the week of heading back to work someone got in touch with me to ask if I'd be interested in starting a band...It just took that question, and all of a sudden I'm writing again, I've got a song in my head at all hours (most of the time it remains in my head although to my colleagues, and people that sit beside me on planes and trains - I'm sorry when I start humming without realizing it), and I'm feeling energized to start sharing it again. We still don't have a band name, but we're working on it. For now, let me just say there will be much more to come, and I'm so grateful to have these talented fellas in my life - Steve Morris (guitar), Justin Dillon (drums/percussion), Steve Himel (bass). Here's to gigging and enjoying ourselves while we do so. We will be playing my originals, Steve Morris' originals and covers. For bookings or more information please email me:

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